Participating ATA Locals

The Mighty Peace Teachers' Convention Association organizes the annual Teachers' Convention for teachers in the Peace Region. The member Locals that attend this Convention include:

  • Greater Peace No. 13 (except High Prairie RCSS and McLennan RCSS)
  • Northern Spirit No. 6
  • Trumpeter No. 26
  • Northern Gateway No. 43 (East Smoky)
  • Grande Prairie District Catholic Teachers No. 42

The Mighty Peace Teachers' Convention is also attended by teachers from charter schools, reserve schools and other parts of Canada, such as the Northwest Territories, and is regarded by many of these guests as one of the best Conventions in the province.
Teachers' Conventions are intended to raise awareness of and provide information about new approaches and instructional methods. Identifying trends and instilling pride in being a teacher are essential parts of Teachers' Convention. The Mighty Peace Teachers' Convention Association does this every year for approximately 1400 teachers.