Request to Attend Alternate Professional Development During Convention

Teachers may request permission to attend alternate professional development activities rather than attend teachers' convention. An example of an appropriate request would include attendance at a national or international conference which addresses the emergent professional needs of the teacher. Although worthy enterprises, school trips such as ski trips or field trips and voluntary participation in other activities (eg. coaching) do not qualify as professional development activities.

Requests must be submitted to the Convention Attendance Committee. Such requests must be made six weeks prior to the convention. We realize that extenuating circumstances may arise after this date, these will be considered on an individual basis.

For approval of requests by a teacher to be absent from convention responsibilities, the following minimum criteria must be met:

  • an organized professional development activity that exceeds those provided at convention,
  • an extraordinary professional development opportunity that could not be accessed by the teacher at another time,
  • a relevant professional development session not included in the convention program that will enhance professional practice.

Convention boards are in charge of the convention, and all teachers are expected to attend. Only the attendance committee of the convention board may grant permission to teachers to attend alternate professional development activities, and such decisions are based upon standardized guidelines approved by the ATA. The Convention Attendance Committee will advise the teacher of its decision in writing. Teachers may appeal a decision of the committee to the Convention Board to render a final decision.
Teachers must complete the online Request to Attend Alternate Professional Development form. THE DEADLINE TO APPLY IS JANUARY 27th, 2022.